Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first post in a while.

Hello world. My post coming from the brand new official blogger app for android. I saw this app come out this morning but decided to install it now. I am fully integrated within the Google network.  All your Google are belong to us.....

Monday, July 6, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to Paul the Possum.
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Friday, June 5, 2009


My new hair style
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Happy Friday...

I am about to complete my first hour of work!! WOHOO. This shouldn't really matter but at 5am time seems to slooooow wayyyy down!! That is right, today I started work at 5am..which is actually 8am back east, so I guess I am on time. Any way, why am I here soo damn early? Well I have to make up my hours for today if I want to get paid the big bucks. Last Friday, I had a doc appointment at 3pm, so that day I also came in early. I left around 2pm and go to the doc's office 15mins early. As I went to go sign in, the lady at the front desk told me that my doc left early today. "Did you not get our vm message?" "No" I said. "Oh well we called 818....(my house phone) and is the 310...still a valid number?" Ummmm, no that number hasn't been used for about 5 years, my old work number. Good job guys!! So I had to reschedule for this Friday at 3pm. Hence my 5am start time. I can not afford to not get paid for each hour that I am here. I wouldn't worry as much, except for the fact that the Hawaii trip is a few months away and I do not have enough saved for the two of us. I figured I need to save a certain amount from each paycheck to hit the total amount of money that we need. But considering we have the hotel booked and waiting for the airplane tickets to go down we should be good to go. I am just scared about the "free" money that we need for food and activities. Maybe we can just chill on the beach and take in the sites....but I have a feeling we will be going around the island for most of our free time. Speaking of Hawaii, I have to start writing my speech for my toast. I am not really sure what to say. I want to go for the tear effect, meaning that I want my speech to induce tears in the crowd. I just do not know how to do this. I may have to do some soul searching and meditation to find some good points and views about this couple. But I have no doubts that I will. These two are made for each other.

A few days ago, I posted a picture of myself in my car right before work. It was me saying something like "what should I have for lunch" or some junk like that. If you see closely I got a new hair cut. I have wanted a new cut for a while but I didn't know what to do. On mother's day, d and I went to go visit her parents and have lunch with them. During lunch we sat next to this other couple, some guy that was a few years younger than myself. Any way, he had this hair cut that I thought was really cool. It was a Mohawk, but it wasn't. The sides were shaved and faded and in the back a small strip on each side of the head was shaved and faded. The rest of the head was long and spikey. Granted there was no gel on his head, but you could tell the style. THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!!! And knowing me, I'll obsess over it until i get it. Well, I didn't go balls out as I usually would have. I did some research. Looked up pictures from other people that had a common style. Found a picture I liked that had the style I wanted. I saved it to my phone for further reference. After D and I had dinner we went off to get my hair cut. My dad suggested going to his place because it was cheap and because they did good work. He said go to his stylist, Linda, or some other guy, but stay away from this girl named Lynn. Dad said that he had Lynn and she messed up his hair. From then on He would only see Linda or that other guy. With that knowledge in hand we both went to the hair place. It was close to closing about an hour or so before, so no one was really there. There was one guy working on a customer and so I was assigned to the only other person there. I asked for her name, she said lyn or linda. I was like ok, Linda, nice. I sat down and showed her the pictured I d/led earlier to my phone. She said, ok ok, i know what to do. As she was cutting, D was there overseeing some of it. When "L" was cutting the back of my head, my girl stepped in and suggested to cut my hair a certain way. Well, "L" said ok ok, but totally blew off D. After "L" was done and put gel in my hair, it looked ok, but not what I wanted. My hair was somewhat long to begin with and "L" trimmed the top to get the hair to fall in a Mohawk kind of way. The sides, she kind of faded and the back she left long yet trimmed. However, to complete the look that I wanted the bottom of my hair should have been long, but "L" cleaned it up and evened out the bottom of my hair. I reluctantly paid her and we were on our way. I was not too happy with what she did, but D assured me it looked good. It was just disappointing to have a hair style that you want but get something similar yet different. D, as she always does to calm the hulk down, said let it grow out and we'll go to some other person. I love her. She knows how to calm me down. So I was content for a few days. D had to leave for the weekend since she had school, and my relatives had come back from their trip and were staying with us until that Sunday. So of course, D had to leave since we are not engaged and it wouldn't be right to have her here with my when my relatives were at my house. Ok so, the relatives left, and I had the house to myself. That is when it was time to try this cut on my own. I had been obsessing over cutting my hair ever since the first cut when wrong. So I cut my hair, faded the sides and cut the strips on the back and left the rest of the hair the way it was. Well it looks good. To me anyways it looks good. I told D this is just a mold, to see if it will look good on me. It does. So now, I have to wait for the rest of my hair to get longer so as to complete the look. Right now it is a little short in the back but soon, I will finally have the style that I have been waiting for.

This weekend will be crazy. We have a bday party to go to on Sat and then a graduation party that night. Sunday we are chilling I hope.

My dear Jessica, my friend from TN. She showed me a lot of stuff when I was there and I was really grateful for that. Well, this Sat is her wedding day, and even though I can not be there for her, I just wanted to say Congrats and my prayers go out to you on your special day!! Much love!!!

Before I came to work, I stopped by 7-11 to get some coffee and a snack. Well I am almost done with my 24oz coffee. But what they had there were little shots of caffeine or something like that. I put two of those things in my coffee. I think I am now feeling it. I hope I feel it. I need to stay awake!!! 

Ok that should be it for now!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


What to do today??
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Its Friday!!!

Hmm ok. Today is Friday thank goodness. It has been one of those crazy weeks, or has it? I can not really tell. But a lot of stuff has happened. I will randomly jot down what I remember for this week.

First and foremost, I switched my phone back to the BB Storm. But before I did, I upgraded the OS to .148 which is the newest leak. This means it is not an official Verizon upgrade, but it works for my phone. The problem with the previous OS that I was having was the screen lock. When you engaged the screen lock, it should lock the screen. And pushing one button will unlock the screen for you to use the phone. In my case with version .132 any of the buttons unlocked the phone. You can image why this is not good. In my pocket anything could set the screen to unlock and push a bunch of buttons. The new OS fixes this issue thank goodness!! I am happy with the phone for the moment. Verizon is coming out with the Tour, which is a hybrid of the Curve/Bold all for Verizon. It should come out this July, but I have to wait till next year since that is when my contract is up and I dont care to purchase full price for this phone at the moment. But anything can happen.

Last week, my relatives arrived from the PI. My girl and I met them at the airport to pick up their luggage. They arrived from the PI and that same day left for LV. Must be the life. They came back from Vegas this Wed and today my parents and the relatives left for Seatle. They are going on a 7 day cruise to Alaska. Must be nice.  I wish I could go with them. Not to see Alaska since I already went, but just to get out of the city.

Last night my cousin came to stay with us with his wife and 2 kids. They came from Sac town and are staying in the house for a day. They are leaving Sat to go back home to Cleavland. At least my girl is coming back tonight. That will be fun. I wont be alone for a while. I think I am spoiled like that.

Yesterday at work, I finally set up dual monitors for my computer. It was a pain because I forgot to install the drivers for the vid card. But once I did, I was golden. I have 2 19" WFP monitors. I am loving life. I just need to have access to the full net and I will be high as a kite. I also have room for another monitor if I find a good one on sale. I also hooked up my USB mini Fridge that I got from a white elephant exchange this past xmas. It does keep my drink(s) cold but not that cold. But it works so I am happy. It also has a blue LED when you open the door.

My Dual Monitors with a Fancy Apple background!!!
My Fridge !! YAY!!